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Fire/Holiday Safety: Keep Your Family Safe at Home


Fire/Holiday Safety: Keep Your Family Safe at Home


Home Fire Safety

  • Make a fire escape plan for your family. Find two exits out of every room. Pick a meeting place outside.
  • Consider having a home fire sprinkler system installed in your new home or when you remodel.
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. Put them inside or near every bedroom.
  • Test smoke alarms monthly to make sure they work. Put in new batteries once a year.
  • Know how to put out a small pan fire (grease).
  • Teach every family member to "Stop, Drop, Roll and Cool" if clothes catch fire by dropping immediately to the ground, crossing hands over chest and rolling over or back and forth to put out the flames. Cool the burned area with cool water.
  • Learn how and when to use a fire extinguisher.
Christmas Trees 
  • Place real Christmas trees securely in a sturdy base filled with water. Metal stands cause trees to dry out and become flammable.
  • Check the water level daily. If choosing an artificial tree, ensure that it has been pretreated to increase flame resistance.
  • Keep the tree away from candles, heaters, fireplaces or other heat sources. Dispose of the tree properly. Never burn a real tree in the fireplace.

Christmas Lights

  • Indoors:

Only buy Christmas lights marked with a safety standard. Check all connections on Christmas lights, and ensure that all electrical work (plugs, etc.) is conducted by a competent person. If using lights from previous years, examine the wiring to ensure that they are not worn. If in doubt, throw them out.

Do not overload sockets. Unplug all Christmas lights and electrical appliances before leaving home or going to bed at night.

  • Outdoors:

If using lights outdoors, ensure that they are suitable for outdoor use. If reusing outdoor lights, check all wiring and throw them out if worn. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing outdoor lights. Fasten the bulbs securely and point the sockets down to avoid moisture buildup. Never use indoor extension leads outside. Keep outdoor electrical connections above ground and out of puddles and snow. If a light bulb must be replaced, unplug the light string beforehand. Ensure that trees hung with Christmas lights do not touch power lines.

Other Safety Tips

  • Never burn Christmas wrapping paper in a fireplace.
  • Keep strings of Christmas cards well away from candles and open fires.
  • Fit a spark guard to all open fires to prevent burning coals and sparks from falling onto rugs.
  • Check that your existing smoke alarms are in perfect working order. Fit new batteries if necessary.
  • Never remove batteries from a smoke alarm to use in children's Christmas toys or in the TV remote control. Smoke alarms are there to save lives in the event of fire outbreak.
  • Clean the oven/stove prior to cooking. Often, the extra load on these appliances causes a fire due to the high usage and consequent buildup of grease.




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