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Occupational Safety & Health Supervisor course from 22nd - 26th January, 2018 at Takoradi and Accra
















Occupational Safety & Health Supervisor



Course Overview

The role of a Supervisor is very essential in the creation of a very good safety culture in the workplace. 

Every supervisor has a legal obligation to understand his or her safety responsibilities in the workplace.  
This course gives the supervisor the knowledge and skills to fulfill those responsibilities. 

Goals & Objectives:

After this training you should be able to:

ØGain a greater understanding of safety management systems.   
ØBe familiar with OSHA’s seven core elements of a safety management system.
ØBe able to discuss the key processes within each of the seven core elements.
ØDescribe the primary reasons for conducting an accident investigation.
ØDiscuss employer responsibilities related to workplace accident investigations.
ØConduct the six step accident investigation procedure
ØThe basic concepts of education and training
ØThe two types of safety education, how to document safety training & how to evaluate training effectiveness
ØIdentify the costs of ergonomics injuries and discuss the vulnerability analysis
ØRecognize the factors that influence ergonomics and be familiar with back injury reduction strategies
ØLearn about a systematic approach to evaluating and improving your company’s safety management system.

Course Content

ØIntroduction to Safety Management
ØEffective Accident Investigation
ØIntroduction to Occupational Safety & Health Training
ØPersonal Protective Equipment
ØIntroduction to Ergonomics
ØSafety Supervision and Leadership


ØSafety Management Systems Evaluation

Who Should Attend?
 - Health and Safety Professionals
 - Management Representatives
 - Engineers
 - Supervisors
 - Any individual requiring a working knowledge and experience in health and safety

There are no formal prerequisites for this course.


There is a written test at the end of this course. Upon successful completion, an embossed program certificate from the Occupational Safety and Health Academy, approved by the National Safety Management Society and the Institute for Safety and Health Management from the US  will be issued.


Certified Safety Management Practitioners


Starting Date:  27th April - 1st May, 2015 at Takoradi


Duration:  4 days          Fee: GH¢ 2,000


Venue:  Eshcol Office, Takoradi.


* The content of this training conforms with U.S Department of Labor, OSHA, training standards and ANSI Z490.1-2009. Criteria for Accepted practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training
















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