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Occupational Safety and Health Specialist from 29th - 2nd February, 2018 at Accra













Course Overview

This program is designed for safety specialists, coordinators and others responsible for implementing safety and health programs. Emphasis is placed on gaining the knowledge and skills to assist in the deployment of effective safety programs. 


Course Content

 Course 700 - Introduction to Safety Management
- Commitment and Leadership
- Accountability
- Safety Involvement
- Safety Communications
- Hazard Identification & Control
- Accident Investigation
- Safety Education
- Continuous Improvement

 Course 711 - Introduction to Ergonomics 
- Defining Ergonomics
- Risk Factors in the Worker
- Risk Factors in the Task
- Risk Factors in the Environment
- Controlling Risk Factors



 Course 705 - Hazard Communication Program 
- General Responsibilities
- Analyzing the Workplace
- Container Labeling 
- Material Safety Data Sheets
- Information and Training

- Program Analysis Exercise


 Course 714 - Fall Protection Program 
- Truth and Consequences
- Preparing to Prevent Falls
- Identifyng and Evaluating Fall Hazards
- Supported and Suspended Access
- Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Training
- Inspection and Maintenance 
Rescue at Height 

 Course 709 - Personal Protective Equipment
General Requirements
- PPE Training Requirements
- Eye and Face Protection
- Respiratory Protection
- Head, Hand and Foot Protection

- Electrical Protective Equipment
- Hearing Protection


 Course 715 - Electrical Safety Basics
- Electricity is Dangerous
- The Dagers of Electrical Shock 
- Electrical Burns
- The Electrical Safety Model
- Recognizing Hazards
- Safe Work Environment
- Working on Live Circuts
- SafeWork Practices
 Course 710 - Energy Control Program
Purpose, Scope and Application
- Training and Communication
- Perodic Inspection
- Materials and Hardware
- Application of Energy Control Devics

- Exposure Control Methods
- Release from Lockout/Tagout
- Contractors, Group Lockout/Tagout

 Course 717 - Emergency Action Plan 

- Basic Questions
Developing the EAP
- Policies and Procedures
- Responsibilities and Training
- Review, Coordinate and Update



 Who Should Attend?

 - Health and Safety Professionals/ Consultants
 - Coordinators/Management Representatives
 - Engineers
 - Supervisors
 - Any individual requiring a working knowledge and experience on the management process of health and safety



There are no formal prerequisites for this course.


There is a written test at the end of this course. Upon successful completion, an embossed program certificate from the Occupational Safety and Health Academy, approved by the National Safety Management Society and the Institute for Safety and Health Management from the US  will be issued.


Certified Safety Management Practitioner


Duration:  4 days           Cost: GH¢2,300


Note: The content of this training conforms with U.S Department of Labor, OSHA, training standards and ANSI Z490.1-2009. Criteria for Accepted practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training


Benefits: Upon successful completion of the program, you will get the following;

·    Embossed Laminated Safety Passport  ·    PDF Safety Passport
·    Official Training Transcript  ·    PDF Training Transcript
·    Official Embossed Course Certificates  ·    PDF Course Certificates
·    Official Embossed Program Certificate   ·    PDF Program Certificate


Eshcol Safety & Health Consult Ltd delivers this course under the accreditation  of  Occupational Safety and Health Academy  (OSHAcademy, USA).











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